Our story

Duché d’Uzès winegrowers are known for their high standards and attention to detail; it’s part of their history. The town of Uzès stands on a rocky hillside rising up from the surrounding plain. As we approach, we are greeted by three towers in near-perfect alignment, representing the three powers that have held sway here over the centuries: the dukedom, the kingdom and the bishopric. The title of Duke of Uzès is the pinnacle of the French peerage system.

Wines to savour

La Compagnie Bachique

The work may be hard, but these wines and the joy of sharing them make it all worthwhile. In 2003, to celebrate their passion for their product, a group of wine-loving friends got together with members of the Winemakers’ Union to form a group known as the Compagnie Bachique.
Their motto is ‘Vino non Aqua’, and members – including the leading figures sworn in every year – are tasked with promoting Duché d’Uzès wines throughout France and beyond. Members are known as Compagnons, and sport uniforms in Duchy colours, wearing them primarily during the mid-August wine fair and the Uzès truffle weekend in January.